Always on Static
Always on Static 2D

Always On Static - COOP Multiplayer Experience

Always on Static is a coop multiplayer game for two, made out of two seperate games that affect each other and made with two different engines.

The near future: After a devastating game publisher apocalypse, the only way to play any videogame is by signing up to the only remaining subscription game service: IA-MICRO. Because you can't afford it, you hack the system with the help of your cousin Bob!

While you are playing your favorite Jump n' Run on your TV, cousin Bob keeps on running on your roof with an adjustable satellite dish and tries to catch the right signal. If he doesn't keep up, your TV screen turns into static noise until you can't see your game anymore. Only the collaborative effort can save you!

While playing, send Bob the right signal to switch to. Bob has to always keep up to your messages and adjust the dish acordingly. It gets pretty confusing, but if you succeed, you can get rid of the noise and beat the games highscore!

Always on Static 3D


A two player coop game by Justus Scheil (Programming, Music), Georg Marth (Programming) Felix Szczesny (2D Art and Animation) and Erik N├╝rnberg (3D Art)

Made in Berlin during the Global Gamejam 2018 in the SAE Institute in Unity and C++


Download the Game from Github